In the heart of Vougeot, Burgundy, wine heritage is lived and shared in an exceptional place: 1 Bis. Our wine cellar, part tasting room, part selective boutique of prestigious wines and part elegant reception venue, is the fruit of our team's unwavering passion. Here, every bottle tells a story, and every glass invites you on a unique sensory journey.

Our wine cellar in Vougeot, a place for sharing

Our wine cellar in Vougeot, Burgundy is located at 1 bis chemin de Flagey, the address that inspired the name of this exceptional place.

Nestled in a landscape where vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, our establishment is an ode to Burgundy's winemaking excellence. Every day, we celebrate this terroir with a prestigious selection of wines that shine for their quality and authenticity. Whether you're a lover in search of rare gems or simply looking for a new taste experience, you'll find a warm welcome and passionate expertise.

The story begins in 2019, when Christophe Jacquet, a true wine enthusiast, decides to open 1 Bis, a magnificent Burgundy cellar in the heart of the Côte de Nuits. 

Guided by his passion for the wine world and encouraged by his daughter Marjorie, he initiated this adventure by sharing bottles from his own collection with the first visitors to 1 bis, convinced of the importance of passing on his love of wine through meticulous selection. For over 40 years, Christophe's collection has been growing, with an emphasis on exceptional wines, with bottles from the world's greatest vineyard (Domaine Bizot, Domaine Roumier, Domaine Rousseau…), and great vintages (1989, 1999, 2009, 2015).

As a wine merchant in Vougeot, our commitment is to offer the best prices, ensuring that our wines remain accessible to everyone, because wine is above all a story of sharing.

Our Burgundy wine cellar, wine sales and wine tasting

When you visit the 1 Bis wine cellar, you'll be introduced to the art of wine tasting, and discover a veritable oenological treasure trove. Our wine cellar houses an impressive collection of 4000 carefully selected references, representing the fruit of our passion and commitment to excellence. It's one of the best wine cellars to visit in Burgundy, if you want to discover the terroirs of the region, France and even the world! 


1 Bis offers you an immersive experience that engages every sense, inviting you to discover our world alongside our passionate team. 

Our Burgundy tasting cellar is designed to encourage sharing, and our wooden decoration evokes the spirit of an authentically warm chalet. With us, conviviality is more than a principle, it's the basis of all our exchanges, promising you unforgettable moments around wine.

We also offer the possibility of consulting our cellar book and visiting our cellar, enabling those who wish to do so to select the bottles they wish to take away themselves from our selection of wines for sale.

And if you're not planning to visit us at Vougeot in Burgundy just yet, you can also find our wine selection online at 1BIS website.

The 1 Bis team, passionate and wine expert

At the origin of our 1 Bis wine cellar, we find Christophe and Alexis.

Christophe - Starting his career with passion as a wine broker, he plunged enthusiastically into the world of wine, a field from which he would never stray. His passion led him to a natural evolution as a vineyard merchant, where he distinguished himself through his expertise in Burgundy terroirs. Today, he continues to contribute his expertise to the wine selection and tastings offered at 1 Bis.

Alexis - Born in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy, wine has always been an omnipresent and familiar subject. However, it was a chance encounter on a rugby field that really launched his vocation in the world of wine. Opening the 1 Bis wine cellar alongside Christophe, Alexis learned the value of terroirs, and each tasting was a discovery, each aroma a revelation, sharpening his understanding and passion for the craft.

The team quickly grew. Marjorie contributes her know-how to the company's legal, financial and administrative management, ensuring the smooth running of the business. Vincent is in charge of communications, working to promote the company and share its story with as many people as possible. He's your privileged contact for privatization of Burgundy venues and events at the winery.

Together, they form a passionate and dedicated team. Every day, they do their utmost to offer a unique experience, where quality, authenticity and conviviality are at the heart of their approach.

Our services at 1 Bis

Imagine a tasting experience, where each wine reveals a new story, a new flavor, and each dish serves as the backdrop for an unforgettable sensory exploration.

Our wine tasting with meal package is designed especially for wine lovers, those seeking to awaken their taste buds to new sensations and deepen their understanding and appreciation of wine, or simply for those wishing to share a moment with a group.

Looking for a unique sensory experience? Explore our tasting offers, designed to awaken your taste buds and guide you through surprising and exclusive discoveries.

From discovering new flavors to deepening your oenological knowledge, every tasting is an opportunity to share our passion for wine. Whether you're an enlightened amateur or a curious novice, our cellar in Vougeot is the ideal place to enjoy a unique experience, where every moment is imbued with our love for the art of wine.

Come and discover our exceptional selection of wines, and let our team of experts guide you through the tasting process.

Beyond our exceptional cellar located between Beaune and Dijon, in the heart of the Côte de Nuits, we are proud to offer an art gallery. A bright, 90-square-meter space where elegance meets creativity. 

This versatile space can be privatized in Burgundy, for professional occasions such as seminars or business meetings, or for private events.