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    Coche Dury - Bourgogne 2019

    This 2019 Burgundy white wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, grown in the famous winemaking region of Burgundy, France. This quality wine is presented in an elegant bottle and bears the label of a renowned producer, known for the finesse and elegance of its white wines. The aromas and flavors of this white wine are typical of the Burgundy terroir, with fruity and floral notes, beautiful minerality and a refreshing acidity. This 2019 Burgundy white wine is an excellent choice to accompany a variety of finely prepared dishes or to be enjoyed alone, to fully appreciate its complexity and subtlety.

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    Coche-Dury - Bourgogne 2015

    This 2015 vintage white wine from Burgundy is made entirely from the Chardonnay grape. It comes from the renowned wine-growing region of Burgundy, in France. Presented in an elegant bottle, this wine has all the typical characteristics of a great Burgundy. Hailing from the Coche-Dury estate, known for the quality of its wines, this vintage offers subtle aromas and a great complexity on the palate. With its fruity and floral notes, it is sure to seduce lovers of elegant and balanced white wines. Perfect to accompany fine and delicate dishes, this wine is a sure bet for fans of Burgundy wines. Enjoy it with seafood, grilled fish or poultry-based dishes.

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    Coche-Dury - Meursault 2020

    This white wine from Meursault is 100% Chardonnay, grown in Burgundy, France. Vintage 2020, this wine comes in an elegant bottle that highlights its characteristic golden color. It is produced by a reputable estate in the region, thus guaranteeing undeniable quality and excellence. The subtle aromas of ripe fruit, roasted almonds, and butter, typical of Meursault wines, are revealed upon tasting. In the mouth, its structure is balanced and its velvety texture provides remarkable length. This wine will delight lovers of complex and elegant white wines, to be enjoyed alongside fine dishes or savored alone to appreciate all its subtlety.