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    Domaine de la Cras - Bourgogne Rouge 2022


    Discover this red wine from Burgundy, crafted from 100% Pinot Noir by the winemaker Marc Soyard. This wine originates from the terroir of the Dijon Hills, in France, and is presented in a vintage bottle from 2022. This wine from the Domaine de la Cras features an intense red color and reveals fruity and complex aromas on the palate. With its fine tannins and beautiful structure, it will wonderfully accompany your meat or cheese dishes. Enjoy the finesse and elegance of this red Burgundy wine to enhance your meals and share convivial moments with your loved ones.

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    Bourgogne - Rouge - 2020 - Domaine de la Cras

    This red wine from Burgundy, vintage 2020, is 100% derived from the Pinot Noir grape variety. Originally from France, it is produced by the Domaine de la Cras, a vineyard known for its high-quality organic wines. This red wine from Burgundy will delight enthusiasts with its fruity and balanced character. With prominent red fruit flavors, this wine also reveals spicy notes and a beautiful length in mouth. Ideal for pairing with red meat, poultry or cheese dishes, this red wine from Burgundy will be perfect to enhance your meals in simplicity. Enjoy in moderation to fully appreciate its authentic flavors.

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    Domaine de la Cras - Marc Soyard Bourgogne L’Équilibriste...

    This elegant and balanced red wine is made 100% from the Pinot Noir grape, typical of the Burgundy region in France. Presented in a Magnum format, this 2022 vintage offers a unique taste experience. Produced by the Domaine de la Cras, this wine reveals subtle aromas and a refined structure, reflecting the traditional know-how of the region. Fruity and spicy notes harmoniously blend to provide a rich and flavorful tasting. Whether you are an experienced wine enthusiast or in search of new discoveries, this wine will charm you with its quality and unique character. Perfect for accompanying your most refined meals or as a gift, this wine will transport you to the heart of Burgundy.