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    Primošten - Kaamen - 2020 - Vinas Mora

    This red wine from the Primošten region in Croatia is made 100% from the local Babic grape, cultivated in the vineyards of Dalmatia. Harvested in 2020, this wine offers a unique tasting experience, typical of the region. The bottle of Vinas Mora embodies the authenticity and tradition of Croatian wines, with rich and intense aromas. Perfect to accompany meat or cheese dishes, this red wine offers a beautiful complexity on the palate and a long finish. With its deep red colour and fruity flavours, this wine is a true gem from Croatia, to be tasted on any occasion to discover the viticultural delights of the Primošten region.

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    Primošten - Kaamen II - 2020 - Vinas Mora

    This superior quality red wine was crafted in 2020 by the Vinas Mora estate in Croatia, specifically in the Primošten region of Dalmatia. It is made 100% from the Babic grape variety, known for its rich and intense aromas. The bottle encases a refined beverage that will delight connoisseurs of exquisite wines. This balanced and complex wine offers fruity and spicy notes that blend perfectly on the palate. Ideal to accompany meat or cheese dishes, it will enhance your meals and relaxing moments. Enjoy this exceptional wine during get-togethers with friends or family for unforgettable moments.