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    Premium Torrontes - 2002 - Alta Vista

    A premium quality white wine produced in 2002 in the Mendoza region of Argentina by Alta Vista. This wine is made from the Torrontes grape variety, thus offering characteristic floral and fruity aromas. The bottle contains a tasteful and elegant nectar, perfect for accompanying a meal or for enjoying as an appetizer. With its refreshing notes and brilliant color, this wine is ideal for lovers of exceptional white wines. The year 2002 allowed for a quality vintage, revealing the full potential of the Argentine terroir. Enjoy this wine on a special occasion or give it as a gift to a wine lover to let them discover the unique flavors of Argentina.

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    Patagonia - Mainqué Chardonnay - 2019 - Bodega Chacra

    This organic white wine is produced in Argentina in the Patagonia region by Bodega Chacra. Made from the Chardonnay grape variety, this 2019 vintage offers an exceptional tasting experience. The organically grown grapes lend an incomparable freshness and purity to this wine. With its bright and luminous dress, this wine unveils subtle fruity and floral aromas that make it a perfect companion for light meals and aperitifs. The finesse and balance on the palate make it a reference among the white wines of the region. Perfect for lovers of characterful wines seeking a unique and authentic tasting experience. To be discovered without delay for an unforgettable sensory experience.