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    Whisky Français MAC MALDEN - White Bresse Highland Single Malt...

    This French whisky is a single malt hailing from the Bresse region. With an alcohol content of 43%, it offers a tasting rich in flavours, highlighting woody and fruity notes. This superior quality whisky is distilled with care to guarantee an incomparable taste experience. Its elegant and sophisticated bottle makes it an ideal product to gift or to enjoy on special occasions. Made in France, this whisky benefits from the know-how and expertise of local producers, thus offering an authentic and unique experience. Perfect for whisky enthusiasts in search of novelty and quality, this product will delight the taste buds of the most demanding connoisseurs.

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    Whisky Français MAC MALDEN - 12 ans Charolais’ Speyside Single...

    This 12-year-old French whisky is created in the Charolais region, in France. It is a single malt crafted following the tradition of whiskies from the Speyside region in Scotland. This whisky offers delicate aromatic complexity, with woody, spicy and fruity notes revealing the richness of its aging in oak barrels. With an alcohol content of 43°, this whisky has a lovely roundness in the mouth and a long, pleasant finish. This bottle of French whisky guarantees an authentic and refined taste experience, ideal for lovers of fine whiskies. Perfect to enjoy neat or in a cocktail, this French whisky will seduce the most demanding palates.

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    Whisky Français MAC MALDEN - 16 ans Morvan’s Trout, Blended 48°

    This 16-year-old French whiskey benefits from a unique blend of different malt varieties from the Morvan region. With an alcohol content of 48%, this spirit offers a rich and intense tasting experience, ideal for high-end whiskey lovers. Bottled in France, this whiskey distilled in the Scottish tradition will charm connoisseurs with its subtle balance between woody, fruity, and spicy notes. Perfect to accompany your tasting moments alone or with friends, this whiskey will delight the most demanding palates. Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience with this quality spirit, to be savored neat or with a few ice cubes to fully appreciate all the flavors.