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    Whisky Ecossais KNOCKANDO - 21 ans Master Reserve 1989 Single...

    This 21-year-old Scottish single malt whisky, originating from the master distiller's reserve of 1989, is a true treasure to discover. Hailing from a region of Scotland renowned for its quality whisky production, this exceptional spirit offers rich and complex aromas, characteristic of the whiskies of the region. Presented in an elegant bottle, this amber liquid with golden reflections is sure to delight the most discerning whisky connoisseurs. With its artisanal distillation process and aging in oak barrels, this whisky embodies the craftmanship and history of the distillery. Perfect for an end-of-meal tasting or to celebrate a special occasion.

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    Whisky Écossais - Knockando - Master Reserve - Coffret 2...

    This Scottish whisky is a pure gem from Scotland, aged for 21 years to achieve an incomparable delicacy and finesse. Bottled at 43°, this whisky offers subtle and complex aromas, testifying to the expertise of the master distillers at Knockando. This exclusive set comes with two glasses, perfect for savouring this exceptional beverage in the best conditions. Appreciated by connoisseurs for its quality and unique character, this Master Reserve whisky seduces with its softness on the palate and its long spicy finish. Perfect for gifting or for solo tasting, this Scottish whisky is a must-have for all enthusiasts of refined spirits.

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    Whisky Écossais - Knockando - Extra Old Reserves - 1969 - 43°...

    An extra old Scottish whisky, dating back from 1969, from the region of Knockando in Scotland. This whisky has been aged for many years to develop rich and complex flavors. With an alcohol content of 43° and a capacity of 700 ml, this liquor offers a unique and refined tasting experience. Perfect for whisky lovers in search of intense flavors and superior quality, this whisky reveals woody, spicy, and fruity notes that will delight the most demanding palates. Best enjoyed neat or with a little water to fully release all its nuances and fully enjoy its tasting.