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Saumur-Champigny - Les Poyeux - 2007 - Clos Rougeard

An exceptional red wine made from the Cabernet Franc grape, this vintage originates from the Saumur-Champigny region, in France. The 2007 bottle from the Clos Rougeard estate offers an intense and richly aromatic tasting. Its fruity and spicy notes give it an elegant and balanced wine, sure to delight enthusiasts of quality red wines. This Loire wine showcases a deep red color and a refined structure on the palate. The 2007 vintage managed to develop silky tannins and remarkable length in mouth. Ideal to accompany red meat or cheese dishes, this wine will enhance your meals with its unique character.
Région Val de Loire
Color Red
Size 75 cl
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Country France
Région Val de Loire
Domain Clos Rougeard
Appellation Saumur-Champigny
Vintage 2007
Color Red
Size 75 cl
Encépagement 100% Cabernet franc

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    Saumur - Brézé - 2009 - Clos Rougeard

    A dry white wine made from 100% Chenin grapes, this 2009 vintage comes from the famous Clos Rougeard estate located in Saumur, in the Loire Valley in France. This elegant and refined wine is the result of ancestral expertise passed down from generation to generation. Offering a beautiful freshness and great aromatic complexity, this wine reveals notes of white fruit, flowers, and a mineral character typical of the limestone soils of the region. On the palate, it is balanced, full-bodied, and of great finesse, with a lingering finish. Perfect to enjoy now or to keep in the cellar for a later tasting, this wine embodies all the charm and elegance of the great wines of the Loire.

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    Saumur - Brézé - 2010 - Clos Rougeard

    A white wine from Saumur, France, vintage 2010 and made entirely from the Chenin grape variety. This wine comes from the renowned Clos Rougeard estate, located in the Loire region. It presents in an elegant bottle, ready to be savored to reveal its full complexity and richness. This white wine offers subtle and delicate aromas, characteristic of the Loire terroir, which harmoniously combine in the mouth to offer an exceptional tasting experience. Perfect for accompanying refined dishes or to be enjoyed alone as an aperitif, this wine highlights the skill and passion of the winemakers at the Clos Rougeard estate. A cuvée to discover for lovers of great white wines from the Loire region.

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    Saumur - Brézé - 2011 - Clos Rougeard

    A dry white wine from the Saumur region in France, vintage 2011 and crafted by the Clos Rougeard estate. Made 100% from the Chenin grape, this Saumur wine offers a beautiful aromatic complexity and a great freshness on the palate. The estate's vineyards are located on the clay-limestone terroirs of the Loire Valley, thus offering ideal conditions for the ripening of grapes. This elegant and refined white wine is perfectly enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with seafood and fish dishes. Packaged in a classic bottle, this wine is a reflection of the excellence and French winemaking know-how.

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    Saumur-Champigny - Les Poyeux - 2012 - Clos Rougeard

    A red wine made 100% from Cabernet Franc in the Saumur-Champigny region of France. Produced by the Clos Rougeard estate, this vintage dating from 2012 presents typical Loire aromas. With a deep red color, this wine offers a rich and balanced taste experience. Perfect for lovers of characterful wines, it pairs perfectly with red meat dishes or cheese. Presented in an elegant bottle, this wine will satisfy the most demanding palates and bring a touch of elegance to your table. Enjoy this prestigious wine with family or friends for unforgettable moments of sharing and conviviality.