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Réf 0001341

Whisky Taïwanais - Yushan - 70 cl - 40°

This Taiwanese Yushan whisky is a real discovery for spirits enthusiasts. Distilled and aged in Taiwan, this whisky offers rich and complex aromas, with delicate sweetness and surprising depth. With its notes of ripe fruit, honey, and vanilla, it is perfect for a solo tasting or to accompany a good meal. Presented in an elegant 70cl bottle, this whisky, at 40 degrees, is a pure product of the Taiwanese terroir. Its quality and craftsmanship make it a perfect choice for connoisseurs in search of new taste experiences. Discover and enjoy this exceptional whisky, a symbol of tradition and Taiwanese expertise.
Size 75 cl
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Country Taïwan
Domain Yushan
Appellation Whisky
Size 75 cl