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Magnum - Vinsobres La Papesse - 2021 - Gramenon

This organic red wine is 100% Grenache grape variety and comes from the Côtes du Rhône region in France. This 2021 vintage offers intense and complex aromas, typical of the Rhône terroir, with a nice concentration in the mouth. The Magnum format ensures all the freshness and quality of the wine is preserved for moments of sharing and conviviality. This wine is produced by the Gramenon estate, recognized for its commitment to organic viticulture, thus offering authentic wines that are respectful of the environment. Ideal for accompanying flavorful dishes, this red wine will delight lovers of Rhône wines.
Région Vallée du Rhône
Color Red
Size 1,5 L
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Country France
Région Vallée du Rhône
Domain Gramenon
Appellation Côtes du Rhône
Vintage 2021
Color Red
Size 1,5 L
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