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Magnum - Côtes du Roussillon - Les Sorcières - 2018 - Clos des Fées

This magnum of red wine from Côtes du Roussillon, vintage 2018, comes from the Clos des Fées estate located in the Languedoc region, in France. This organic wine is a blend of black grenache (35%), syrah (30%), carignan (30%) and mourvèdre (5%), giving it a beautiful complexity and a balanced structure on the palate. With notes of red fruits and spices, this wine offers a nice length in the mouth and can be enjoyed now or kept in the cellar for a few years to develop further complexity. Perfect to accompany a meal with friends or family, this red wine will appeal to lovers of quality wines.
Région Languedoc
Color Red
Size 1,5 L
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Country France
Région Languedoc
Domain Clos des Fées
Appellation Côtes du Roussillon
Vintage 2018
Color Red
Size 1,5 L
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    This red wine from France, with the Côtes du Roussillon designation, is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, and Mourvèdre. Vintage 2018, this wine from the Clos des Fées estate is certified organic, ensuring environmentally friendly production. Offering a rich and complex aromatic palette, this wine reveals fruity and spicy notes, characteristic of the grape varieties used in its creation. On the palate, it stands out with its velvety texture and balanced tannins. Ideal for pairing with a wide variety of dishes, this wine will find its place at the table during friendly meals with friends or family. Treat yourself to a unique taste experience by discovering this wine from Languedoc, showcasing the winemakers' expertise and passion.

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    Côtes Catalanes - Entre Amis - 2019 - Clos des Fées

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