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    Wallis - Nokto Réserve - 2014 - Ozenit

    This red wine from the Valais region in Switzerland, vintage 2014, is a true gem for wine enthusiasts. Made from the native Cornalin grape variety, this beverage captivates with its aromatic richness and regional typicity. Its exceptional terroir and climate conducive to vine cultivation give this wine unique and unforgettable flavors. The bottle is the perfect setting to preserve all the richness and finesse of this grand cru. Perfect to accompany your refined meals or to be enjoyed on any occasion, this wine will delight the most demanding palates. Don't wait any longer to discover this treasure from Valais, a true concentration of viti-cultural expertise and passion.

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    Wallis - Humagne Rouge Réserve - 2015 - Ozenit

    This red wine from the Valais region in Switzerland is made from the Humagne Rouge grape variety, harvested in 2015. With its elegant bouquet and complex aromas, it will delight lovers of fine wines. On the palate, there are notes of red fruits and perfectly balanced tannins. Thanks to its ageing in stainless steel tanks, this wine reveals all its freshness and vivacity. Perfect for accompanying your red meat dishes and refined cheeses, this red wine will leave you with a tasty mouthfeel and memorable experiences. Presented in an elegant bottle, this wine from Valais is the ideal choice to enhance your meals and impress your guests.

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    Wallis - Pinot Noir Réserve - 2014 - Ozenit

    A Pinot Noir Reserve from the year 2014, hailing from the wine region of Valais in Switzerland. This exceptional red wine is the result of ancestral expertise passed down by the region's winemakers. Cultivated under ideal conditions, the Pinot Noir offers subtle and complex aromas, combining notes of red fruits and spices. Its deep red robe promises a tasting rich in flavors. On the palate, its silky texture and perfect balance between acidity and tannins are appreciated. This quality wine is presented in an elegant bottle, highlighting its authentic character. Perfect to accompany your refined meals or to enjoy in a friendly atmosphere.