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    Prieuré Saint Christophe - Altesse - 2013 - Michel Grisard

    This 2013 vintage white wine from Savoie is an Altesse from the Prieuré Saint Christophe region. Coming from the talented winemaker Michel Grisard, this wine from Pays d'Allobrogie offers a unique and refined tasting experience. Of great finesse, it reveals subtle and floral aromas, characteristic of its region of origin. Its crystalline robe and freshness make it an elegant wine, to be enjoyed on any occasion. With its carefully labeled bottle, this French wine will delight the most demanding palates and perfectly accompany many dishes. Perfect for lovers of characterful white wines, this product testifies to the know-how and passion of the winemaker for his terroir.

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    Prieuré Saint Christophe - Vin de Savoie Mondeuse Tradition 1991

    A bottle of red wine from Savoie, vintage 1991, made from the Mondeuse grape variety, characteristic of the region. This wine from Prieuré Saint Christophe is produced by Michel Grisard, a renowned winemaker from the area. Offering intense and rich aromas, this wine will delight fans of full-bodied wines. With its typical notes of red fruits and spices, it will pair wonderfully with Savoyard dishes such as raclette or tartiflette. This traditional Savoie wine is the result of ancestral know-how, passed down from generation to generation. Perfect for a tasting with family or friends, this quality wine will brighten up your meals and take your taste buds on a journey to the heart of the Alps.