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    Vin de Savoie - Eponyme - 2020 - Dominique Belluard

    This white wine from Savoie, from the year 2020, is produced by Dominique Belluard, a renowned winemaker. Crafted from the Gringet grape variety, this organic wine perfectly embodies the unique terroir of the Savoie region in France. Presented in an elegant bottle, this Savoie wine offers fresh and fruity aromas that will delight lovers of white wines. Its crystalline hue and delicate mouthfeel make it a must-have to accompany your meals or to be enjoyed as an aperitif. An authentic wine that reflects all the know-how and passion of its producer. Ideal for discovering or rediscovering the subtle flavors of Savoie wines.

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    BELLUARD Dominique Belluard - Vin de Savoie Le Feu 2014

    This 2014 vintage white wine from France is made from the Gringet grape, thus offering fine and delicate aromas. Produced by the Belluard Dominique estate, this wine from Savoie reveals a nice freshness on the palate, with notes of white fruit and flowers. Highly elegant, it impresses with its minerality and aromatic complexity. This bottle is a reflection of the Savoyard terroir, with natural winemaking that fully enhances the character of the grape variety. A perfect companion for fish and seafood, it also accompanies mountain cheese dishes. This white wine is a true jewel of French viticulture, to be enjoyed with pleasure and in moderation.

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    Dominique Belluard - Vin de Savoie Le Feu 2013

    A white wine from Savoie, vintage 2013, this product is made from the Gringet grape variety, cultivated by winemaker Dominique Belluard in France. This Savoie wine stands out for its quality and unique character. With an elegant bottle, this French wine offers a taste experience rich in flavors and aromas. The notes subtly reveal themselves, combining freshness and complexity to delight the taste buds of wine lovers. Tasting this white wine promises an unforgettable sensory experience, highlighting the terroir of Savoie and the winemaker's expertise. Perfect to accompany fish dishes, seafood or even cheeses, this wine will charm the most demanding palates.