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    Madiran - 1994 - Château Montus - Alain Brumont

    A red wine from Madiran, France, dating from 1994 and produced by Château Montus at the foot of the Pyrenees. This wine is entirely made from the Tannat grape variety, offering a pure and authentic expression of this unique terroir. With its complex aromas of black fruits, spices, and woody notes, this wine stands out for its powerful tannic structure and great bottle-aging potential. Ideal for lovers of full-bodied and fleshy red wines, this vintage is best appreciated after a prolonged decantation. Perfect to accompany dishes rich in flavors such as duck breast or a plate of refined cheeses, this wine embodies all the elegance and finesse of wines from the Southwest of France.

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    Château Montus - Alain Brumont - Madiran Cuvée Prestige 1998

    A prestigious red wine from the Madiran region in France, this 1998 vintage is the work of the famous winemaker Alain Brumont. Made 100% from the Tannat grape variety, this wine offers intense and complex aromas, characteristic of the region. With its deep color and powerful tannins, it has great aging potential. This wine will allure lovers of full-bodied and structured wines. The Prestige cuvée from this renowned estate reflects the Pyrenees terroir, thus offering a unique and refined tasting experience. It pairs perfectly with flavor-rich dishes, like grilled red meats or aged cheeses. This wine is certified for its quality and has great complexity on the palate, making it an exceptional product for wine connoisseurs.