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    Huet - Vouvray Moelleux Le Haut-Lieu 1997

    A white wine from the Loire region, vintage 1997, crafted by the Huet estate from the Chenin blanc grape variety, under the Vouvray appellation in France. This sweet wine shows off its splendor after years of maturing in the bottle. Allow yourself to be charmed by its complex aromas of honey, citrus and dry fruits, as well as by its rich and creamy mouthfeel. Ideal for pairing with sweet and savory dishes, aged cheeses or fruit desserts. This wine provides an unforgettable taste experience, representing the skill and excellence of the region's winemakers. Ideal for lovers of mature, balanced white wines, this vintage can be enjoyed now or aged to discover new nuances over the years.

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    Vouvray Moelleux - Le Haut-Lieu - 1996 - Huet

    This Vouvray Moelleux wine comes from the Le Haut-Lieu estate in France, located in the Loire wine region. Vintage in 1996, this white wine is made from the Chenin Blanc grape variety, renowned for its ability to produce rich and complex wines. This sweet wine stands out for its golden colour and its subtle nose with aromas of ripe fruit and honey. On the palate, there is a nice roundness and sweetness that underline the notes of exotic fruits and citrus. This wine is ideal to accompany sweet and savory dishes, refined cheeses or simply as an aperitif. This quality wine, from a reputed house like Huet, will delight lovers of characterful white wines and lovers of sweet wines.

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    Huet - Vouvray Moelleux Clos du Bourg 1997

    A sweet wine produced in France in 1997 from the Chenin Blanc grape variety, in the Loire region. This dry white wine offers beautiful aromatic complexity with notes of ripe fruit, honey, and white flowers. Aged in oak barrels, it has a velvety texture on the palate and a long enchanting finish. Its freshness and balance make it an ideal wine to accompany seafood dishes, cheeses, or sweet desserts. Coming from the prestigious Huet estate, this wine of Vouvray Clos du Bourg is the result of unique skills and expertise. Treat yourself to an exceptional taste experience with this characterful wine.