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    Chemin de la Brune - 2021 - L'Anglore

    This organic rosé wine from the 2021 vintage is made from the Grenache grape variety and comes from the Rhône wine region in France. Produced by the renowned L'Anglore winery, this French wine offers a unique and authentic bottled experience. With its fruity aromas and freshness on the palate, it is ideal for pairing with your summer meals or for enjoying as an aperitif. This wine perfectly embodies the terroir and expertise of the wine house, offering a beautiful expression of the vintage and region. Appreciated by fine wine enthusiasts and organic wine lovers, this rosé wine is a wonderful discovery for palates in search of authenticity and quality.

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    Chemin de la Brune - 2020 - L'Anglore

    This rosé wine from the Rhône region, 2020 vintage, is produced from organic farming and is made from 100% Cinsault and 100% Aramon grape varieties. Classified as Vin de France, this product comes from the L'Anglore house, renowned for the quality of its wines. Packaged in a typically French bottle, this wine offers a refreshing and fruity tasting, perfect to accompany light dishes or appetisers among friends. The pink hue of this wine adds an elegant visual touch, while its subtle aromas will delight fans of fine wines. Ideal for summer evenings or for celebrating moments of conviviality, this wine reflects all the expertise and passion of the region's winegrowers.