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    Cornas - Chaillot - 2017 - Thierry Allemand

    This red wine from the year 2017 is produced by Thierry Allemand from 100% Syrah in the Cornas region of France. This red wine exhibits great complexity and a beautiful structure on the palate. It embodies perfectly the terroir of the Rhone region from which it originates. With aromas of black fruits, spices, and licorice, this wine will delight lovers of rich and powerful red wines. With its elegant tannins and long finish, this wine is ideal for accompanying grilled or sauced red meat dishes. Presented in a classic bottle, this wine is a true symbol of French viticultural excellence.

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    Cornas - Chaillot - 2015 - Thierry Allemand

    This red wine from Cornas, vintage 2015, is 100% Syrah. It is produced in France, in the Rhône Valley region, by the winemaker Thierry Allemand. This wine is distinguished by its intense red color and its fruity and spicy character. On the palate, there are aromas of black fruits and pepper, as well as mineral notes. Its silky texture and well-integrated tannins make it a balanced and elegant wine, ideal to accompany grilled or sauce-based meat dishes. This wine is presented in a bottle and has a good aging potential. With its unique character and undeniable quality, it is sure to delight lovers of wines from the Rhône Valley.

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    Cornas - Chaillot - 2014 - Thierry Allemand

    This red wine from the Rhone region, vintage 2014, is produced by winemaker Thierry Allemand in Cornas. It is made up of 100% Syrah, an emblematic grape variety of the region, offering a deep color and rich, complex aromas. The Chaillot terroir, where the vines are cultivated, brings a minerality and freshness to this wine, giving it particular elegance and finesse. This wine stands out for its power and tannic structure, ensuring interesting aging potential. Enjoy this wine with dishes based on red meat or game to fully appreciate the richness and depth of flavors.