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    Vin de Liqueur - 2016 - Overnoy Pierre

    This white fortified wine from 2016 comes from France, more specifically from the Burgundy region. Made from the Savagnin grape variety, this wine offers subtle aromas and a beautiful complexity on the palate. It is produced by the talented winemaker Overnoy Pierre, renowned for his craftsmanship and the quality of his wines. This bottle is sure to delight lovers of refined and characterful wines. Perfect as an aperitif or to accompany fine dishes, this fortified wine is a true delight for the taste buds. With its golden color and elegance on the palate, it is ideal for all special occasions. Enjoy it in moderation to fully appreciate its aromatic richness.

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    Arbois Pupillin - Chardonnay - 1998 - Pierre Overnoy

    This 1998 white wine comes from the Arbois Pupillin region in France. Produced by renowned winemaker Pierre Overnoy, this Chardonnay is made from organic farming. With a dominance of Savagnin, this wine presents subtle and complex aromas that evolve over time in the bottle. The unique terroir of the Jura imparts characteristic minerality and freshness to this wine. Ideal for accompanying refined dishes or for savoring as an aperitif, this high-end wine will delight the most demanding palates. In summary, this characterful white wine embodies all the know-how and passion of the winemaker who created it, and offers an unforgettable tasting experience.

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    Emmanuel Houillon - Pierre Overnoy - Arbois-Pupillin - Vin...

    This 1988 yellow wine is a true treasure from the Jura, produced from 100% Savagnin. Coming from the vineyards of Arbois Pupillin, in France, this white wine is the work of Emmanuel Houillon and Pierre Overnoy, two emblematic figures of the region. Aged in oak barrels for many years, this wine has a golden hue and powerful, complex aromas of nuts, spices and dried fruits. On the palate, it offers a nice acidity, great finesse and a long persistence. It pairs perfectly with dishes such as chicken with morels, aged Comté cheese, or even exotic cuisine. This wine, to be enjoyed in moderation, is a real gem to be discovered by lovers of great wines.