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    Le Jaja du Fred - 2018 - Jean-François Ganevat

    This red wine from France, vintage 2018 in the Jura, is 100% made from Pinot Noir grapes. Produced by the renowned winemaker Jean-François Ganevat, this organic wine is perfect for lovers of natural and authentic wines. Offering a beautiful aromatic intensity, it presents fruity and spicy notes. In a bottle, this wine embodies all the passion and know-how of its producer. Perfect to accompany a beautiful piece of red meat or aged cheese, it will delight the most demanding palates. With its understated and elegant label, this French wine will stand out on a table or in a cellar. A true oenological gem to discover and to savor without moderation.

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    Poulprix - 2019 - Jean-François Ganevat

    A bio red wine from France, vintage 2019, originating from the Jura and crafted by the talented winemaker Jean-François Ganevat. This unique wine is a blend of Gamay, Poulsard, and Savagnin grapes, offering a balanced and complex taste experience. Housed in an elegant bottle, this wine presents fruity and spicy aromas that will entice fine wine lovers. The environmentally friendly winemaking and the winemaker's passion can be found in every sip of this delicious red wine. Perfect for accompaniment to your meals with elegance and originality, this wine reflects all the expertise and authenticity of the Jura terroir. Discover an exceptional wine, which will delight the most demanding taste buds.

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    Magnum - Les Chonchons - Pinot Noir - 2019 - Ganevat...

    This Magnum of red wine is made 100% from Pinot Noir grapes, grown in the Côtes du Jura in France. Vintage 2019, this wine produced by the renowned winemaker Ganevat Jean-François offers a rich and complex tasting experience. With aromas of cherry and raspberry, it reveals floral and spicy notes on the palate. Its deep and intense red color makes it an elegant wine, to be enjoyed on special occasions or to accompany refined dishes. This Jura red wine stands out for its finesse and length on the palate, reflecting all the know-how and passion of the winemaker in the creation of this exceptional beverage.